Managing Labor Disputes

Proven Effective Strategies

In the face of labor disputes or downsizing, protecting you, your employees, your assets and the continuity of your business are out primary objectives. To accomplish these objectives, J.R. Gettier & Associates, Inc. has developed a philosophy of effectively managing disputes based on time-tested strategies. These strategies guide our operations:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of your situation and needs, assess your security vulnerability in a labor dispute.
  2. Blend seamlessly into your environment while presenting an effective deterrent to confrontation or violence.
  3. Managing pre-strike, strike and post-strike activities from start to finish in a way that minimizes an environment conducive to a successful resolution of issues.

Combining these strategies with the flexibility, professionalism and commitment of our strike security teams contributes to a successful outcome that meets your business objectives.

Labor Dispute

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